Stem Mastering Service

In addition to our Stereo mastering service we also offer stem mastering for clients who want our mastering engineers to have more control during the mastering process. For the majority of projects Stereo mastering is the optimum service, however for artists who prefer to give our engineers more control over their mix we also offer stem mastering service. Mastering from Stems allows us to dive in deeper to the mix and correct potential frequency and level problems.

What Is Stem Mastering?

Stem Mastering process involves our engineers adjusting frequencies and levels to create a balanced mix from multiple stereo track that have consolidated instruments. Our client can upload multiple stereo Wav files ‘Stems’ one containing all the drums, one with bass guitar, one with all guitars, one with lead vocals, and one with all the background vocals through their Tune Masterz account. Our engineer would then work with each individual stem to create a balanced mix. When the stem adjustment is complete they are combined and mastered to create a finished song. Since we have access to each separated group of instruments there are more options for the engineer to make adjustments and correct problems.

How To Prepare Your Mix

It is important to understand the process of how to prepare a mix for stem mastering. 

Preparing a mix for Stem mastering involves grouping your instruments into individual Stems. We accept up to 8 Stems per song, and as a general rule you want to group similar instruments together. Stems should all be the exact same length and start and stop at the same time this is paramount so the tracks line up when they’re imported and combined together.  An example set of Stems includes drums, bass, synths, rhythm guitars, lead guitar, lead vocal, and backup vocals. Through your Tune Masterz online account you can submit  specific requests or instructions in any way that will give our engineer the best options to create your desired sound. In some cases this may included separating the kick drum and snare drum each as its own individual Stem – provided the total number of Stem is still 8 or less. As with all mastering projects we recommend leaving around -1dB of headroom for each Stem and removing any pre-mastering processing from each Stem. 

Steps to Take Before Sending a Song for Stem Mastering Service

  • Label each individual Stem with a descriptive name. (Example: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals etc…) This can be done before or after exporting (bouncing) each track.
  • Export each track from the beginning of the song so that all tracks start from the same position and are the exact same length.
  • Our preferred exported file-format is a 24 bit .WAV or .AIF. (Do not apply dithering)
  • After all the tracks are exported, add them to a folder, label the folder as the song name, and then compress the folder into a .ZIP or .RAR file.
  • Upload the compressed .ZIP or .RAR folder to your Sage Audio online account. If you do not have an account yet, please feel free to create your Tune Masterz Account for easy upload