Professional Results – Online Convenience

Tune Masterz is a premier mixing and mastering professional audio engineering services based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Using our convenient online portal management software, artists can easily upload their projects anytime from all over the world. We conveniently manage and render  quality professional mixing and mastering services for various projects. We also accommodate artists whose project needs to be expedited. We offer a free mastering sample for all potential clients.

Audio mixing involves combining multiple sounds into one or more channels. Audio mixing is the foundation and lays the groundwork for creating superb sound. During the mixing process process, frequency content, volume level, dynamics, and panoramic position are enhanced of manipulated to achieve the desired sound that is appealing to listeners.

Audio mastering is the final stage before an audio is released and it is one of the most important and often overlooked in audio engineering. During the mastering process  the audio levels are balanced, frequencies receive finishing touches, small imperfections are removed, and any other problems with the mix are ironed out. Mastering is what takes a recorded and mixed song to a professional level.

The Tune Masterz Difference

At Tune Masterz our credentials, experience and clientele  is the Tune Masterz Difference. Our engineers have been producing, mixing and mastering music for over twenty (20) years. In addition to our affordable rates we are committed to providing the best possible experience for every artist. We work with every client to achieve not just a commercial level song, but also the specific sound they desire.

How Our Process Works

It’s easy and convenient to upload your audio through your client account to upload your songs, communicate with our staff, and manage every aspect of your project. We work with the same system to upload finished songs and provide feedback throughout the process. Clients can request revisions, add-on services, and opt for express mixing and mastering services at any time through your account. Final songs and any previews will be available for download through this system as well.  For clients who are mastering a full album or EP there is a section for sequencing information such as ISRC codes, song order, and text encoding. We provide Redbook standard .WAV files for download.

Getting Started

Getting started with a free sample or full album is easy. Simply create your create an account and conveniently upload your songs. If you would like a free mastering sample, you can upload a song directly through your personal account. There is no payment required for a sample.  If you have any questions before creating an account we are happy to answer your questions by email or phone. Once your Tune Masterz account is up and running you can easily contact our engineers directly at any time.